Why blog?

Photograph of the tree canopy in Ko Lanta, with sunlight shining through I am perched on a shady veranda in Ko Lanta, looking out onto thick fans of pointed green leaves that reveal their iridescence in the morning sun. The soft breeze breathes through the trees and as its whisperings louden, smatterings of those small pointed leaves descend to the earth below. It is from here that I write my first blog! So I am going to the heart of the matter and address why I am blogging and what I will be blogging about.

I have decided to write a blog to share in a more personal tone the developments of my research and facilitation practice. My websites and publications do not reveal the progressions, evolution and shortcomings of ideas and methods in a way that a blog can. This is an opportunity to share and connect with others, attempting to mutually inspire and offer supportive critique. I therefore encourage you to please comment and email me regarding the blog posts that follow.

I will be blogging about my research (published and yet published), pointing to interesting concepts and ideas, describing my ethnography and assessing forms of research methodology and representation. I also intend to share practices and methods that I have found useful in my Higher Education tutoring and mentoring. I will share insights and synopses from relevant events that I attend related to my research and practice. Finally, I hope to share my musings and wonderings with nature as an expression of my sensuous ethnography of the environment.

Feedback and suggestions are warmly welcomed, thank you for reading!

** All of the views and information presented in this blog are my own and do not represent institutions and organisations with which I am affiliated **

Photograph from the terrace in Ko Lanta, picturing trees and the veranda