I have been facilitating individuals and groups in roles as a Higher Education Tutor, Student Mentor and Inclusive Arts Facilitator.

Higher Education Tutor
My teaching method prioritises creative engagement and participation, development of critical thinking and study skills, with a commitment to inclusivity and diversity.  To meet these priorities my teaching is well planned, informed by pedagogical research and responsive.  I received a Student-Led Teaching Award for Outstanding or Innovative Undergraduate Teaching, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. In 2018-2019, I was nominated for the Sussex Spirit award, for teaching that encompasses the five core values of kindness, integrity, inclusion, collaboration and courage. I have a Higher Education Academy Associate Fellowship, which is an international recognition of a commitment to professionalism in teaching and learning in higher education and demonstrates that my practice is aligned with the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF). I am part of an ‘Inclusive Teaching and Mental Health’ cross-disciplinary working group at the University of Sussex.  I have experience teaching ethnographic film, visual anthropology, economic anthropology, ethnographic research methods, ethnographic approaches to aid, anthropology of the senses and the anthropology of the landscape. I have experience in teaching in seminar, workshop, lecture and immersive field-trip settings. I have experiences with module design, both collaboratively and individually. For specific course details please see my teaching page here.


Inclusive Arts Facilitator
My Inclusive Arts Facilitation began with volunteer training at Carousel, an organisation supporting artists who have learning disabilities to develop and manage their creative practice (in 2012). This led to a year long apprenticeship in Inclusive Arts Facilitation in 2013, which focused around a specific project to develop skills in truly inclusive facilitation methodologies that enable artist-led creative practice. Following my apprenticeship, I was employed by Carousel on a live arts project. This training and experience has fundamentally informed all of my facilitation practice, in both Higher Education Tutoring and Student Mentoring, as it focuses on facilitating the individual’s creative potential. I am now interested in working on new projects, particularly exploring perception and sensory perception related to my research. If you or your organisation are interested to collaborate, please get in touch via the contact page.


Student Mentor
My practice as a mentor is to empower individuals in Further and Higher Education. I develop tailored support that is driven by critical thinking and study skills development for independent learning. Committed to inclusivity and diversity, I provide support for students who identify as dyslexic and overseas students adjusting to UK Higher Educational Institutions. Mentoring is particularly useful when grades are not reflecting a student’s potential and when the student is experiencing difficulty in their study or disengaged.  I have diverse experience facilitating students in the role as a mentor, as a  Senior Student Mentor for the Anthropology department at the University of Sussex (2011-2014) and as a private mentor.


Sensorial explorations of nature
I facilitate sensorial explorations of nature for groups and individuals, if you are interested to learn more or book a session, please get in touch via the contact page.