I am an anthropologist at the University of Sussex, specialised in investigating sensory perception and the experiences of environments. My PhD research investigated the perception of the South Downs landscapes for walkers who have impaired vision through ethnographic and sensorially orientated research methods. I am very interested in notions of ‘visual’ and ‘non-visual’ perception and the relationship between ‘wellbeing’ and green spaces. I am also a higher education tutor, student mentor and inclusive arts facilitator passionate about inclusivity and diversity.

I became fascinated with sensory perception and experiences of people who have impaired vision through my own experiences of an altered vision capacity.  In 2007, I was accidentally administered an overdose of anti-malarial whilst travelling, which altered my vision for several months. Through this intense experience, I questioned how the world might be perceived in the absence of vision – how one sensorially re-orientates with the degeneration or loss of vision and how the  perception of the world and oneself is changed. This experience and the questions it sparked inspired my PhD and research interests which you can read about here.

During my PhD, I became interested in experiences of sensory impairment and ‘disability’ more broadly, particularly with regards to the rich diversity of ways in which people engage with the world. In 2013, I trained as an Inclusive Arts Facilitator, working with people who have varied learning disabilities to facilitate their creative expression. I have been constantly inspired by the multiplicities of different ways of looking at, being with, and relating to the world in this creative work. I work one to one with students who identify as dyslexic to hone together their idiosyncratic ways of thinking and expression for their own sense of wellbeing and success in Higher Education. Both of these forms of facilitation have invigorated my research interests in perception and galvanized the breadth of these interests. Read about my facilitation practice and experience here.

This website serves as an overview of my research and facilitation practice. Please explore the website research, impact and facilitation pages. The blog page provides ongoing updates of my work and ideas. Get in touch through details provided on the contact page.